Celebrating Core Values

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With the New York State Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) taking effect this past July, students at Bellmore’s Shore Road School received a lesson on civility and conduct at the Core Values Kickoff assembly. Led by Principal Patrice Matthews and school social worker Christine Davison, the students were given an age-appropriate overview of DASA, reviewed the school code of conduct and touched upon the district’s five core values – respect, dedication, integrity, trust and teamwork – and what they mean for the Shining Stars of Shore Road.
“At Shore Road, we embrace the Bellmore Stars Core Values in a variety of different schoolwide and classroom activities,” said Mrs. Matthews. When discussing DASA, she explained, “Every student has the right to come into their school and feel safe.”
Following the kickoff assembly, the students returned to their classrooms, where the lessons of the day were reinforced through a variety of activities.