Mepham High School Students Film Bellmore Leaders Song Video

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Earlier this school year, select choral students from Reinhard, Winthrop and Shore Road gathered together to sing the district’s “Bellmore Leaders Song.” As a way to connect to the community, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Famularo invited students from Bellmore-Merrick Central School District’s Mepham High School to assemble a highlight reel of the elementary school students singing the song, which is now broadcasted on the district’s website. Under the direction of broadcasting/English/media teacher Filiz Cooney, the Mepham Broadcasting Communications students, learned firsthand about the filming and eventual broadcasting of an event.

Dr. Joanne C. Dacek, the district’s assistant superintendent for instructional services, noted that the invitation for the high school students to film the elementary singers was a great opportunity for the school communities to collaborate on a communications project of great importance to the district.

Ms. Cooney explained that the filming of the “Bellmore Leaders Song” gave the high schoolers a better understanding of the organizational and technical skills involved in a one-day shoot. “Knowing the crew had only one chance to acquire the footage they needed required a lot of preparation,” she said. “It was an unbelievable learning experience, and for first-timers, my students did an excellent job overall.”