Scientific Method is Explored and Applied

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The excitement in Shore Road School’s gymnasium was palpable as fifth-grade students shared their projects with peers and family during the annual science fair held on Feb. 27. Not only did the students apply the scientific method, they utilized English language arts, mathematics and art skills to design creative experiments on various types of interest.

Principal Patrice Matthews noted that preparation for the science fair also incorporated the district’s core values of teamwork and synergy as several of the students collaborated on their projects. “The science fair also ties into the ideals of inquiry-based learning and provides personal leadership opportunities for all of the participants,” she said.  “These are important skills for lifelong learning.”

In accordance with the scientific method, participants identified a problem, formulated a hypothesis and developed a method to facilitate their experiment. After the experiments were conducted, the students collected data to document their results, analyzed their findings and drew academically sound conclusions.