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Three Cool Schools

The first-grade students in David Reilly's class at Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center joined forces with Jody Leibowitz's fourth-grade class at Winthrop Avenue School and Gail Passet's fifth-grade class at Shore Road School to participate in an "anti-bullying" presentation entitled “3 Cool Schools.” The students in all three classes have worked together throughout the school year via videoconferencing and written correspondence to share their views and feelings about stomping out bullying behavior. The students voted on an original slogan and had t-shirts printed with the slogan, "You're Not Cool If You Bully Like A Fool."

The focus of this program was to identify the role of a "bystander" and to learn how to react in an effective way to help others.  On Thursday, June 2, the students joined together at the Shore Road School to act out original skits about bullying and then paused to ask the audience, "what would you do if you were a bystander in these situations?”

Principals Christine Augusto, Sally Curto, and Clifford Molinelli acted out their own skits and asked the students to problem solve various dilemmas. “It was an exciting and meaningful morning shared by all,” said Mrs. Leibowitz. Added Mr. Reilly, “The students demonstrated the core values of teamwork, integrity, and respect for others while they learned techniques to help stop bullying behaviors and become part of the solution.”