Leadership Scribbles

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A scribble was not just scribble-scratch as third graders in Elisa Braverman’s class at Winthrop Avenue took out their pencils and pens to mark renditions of the leadership principles and core values taught through the Bellmore Stars Character Development Program. 

Ms. Braverman said the exercise arose after the class read Diane Alber’s “I’m Not Just a Scribble” about acceptance and inclusion. The students were drawn to the scribbles on the inside of the book’s cover and the emotions each conveyed.  

The students were then instructed to create their own scribble art, linking their personal scribbles to the District’s leadership principles and core values. Some of the students rendered images and stories about teamwork and synergy, while others drew about continuous improvement or being proactive. Ms. Braverman described the class’s scribbles as thoughtful and insightful and illustrating that the students understood the tenets of the district’s character development program.