Reading to Inspire at Shore Road School

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Reading to Inspire at Shore Road School photo 2 thumbnail136513
Shore Road students are reading the most inspiring books in celebration of the school’s annual Pick A Reading Partner program. 

PARP is a New York State PTA Program, which encourages parents, staff and community to collaborate in the building of a reading partnership between home and school and to motivate students to love reading. This year’s theme is “Reading Can Inspire,” and students are encouraged to read at least 15 additional minutes each day.

A kickoff assembly with the Bodacious Book Show: Have You Read It? Game Show set the tone for the event on Oct. 11. With student participation, Christopher and Lorraine Agostino of Agostino Arts helped the students to recall the names and authors of some of their favorite books and even asked for recommendations. The student-volunteers also acted out a loose and fun-filled version of “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

Accompanying PARP activities include students showcasing their favorite books, inspiring books and book-to-film blockbusters on the “Bookflix” bulletin board. A Google form survey asks students to list their favorite book quotes. Students are also naming their favorite quotes on the PARP bulletin board and creating a template for recommendations to be placed in a special binder in the library. There is also a raffle for prizes which include new books, Scholastic Fair bucks and Barnes & Noble gift cards.