Board of Education Reorganizes for 2020-2021 School Year

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During the July 1 Board of Education meeting, held virtually, the trustees reorganized for the 2020-21 school year.

Jay L.T Breakstone was sworn in for an additional three-year term by district clerk Randy Yee. In addition, the trustees nominated and elected Mr. Breakstone as board president and trustee Marion Blane as vice president.

The next Board of Education meeting will be held on Aug.4, although the district will wait on New York State for guidance on whether to hold the meeting virtually or in-district.

Recording Pandemic History an Artifact at a Time

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When most adults would like to forget that the COVID-19 pandemic ever occurred, C.A. Reinhard students are making sure their education and experiences during this challenging journey will not be forgotten.

Second graders in Jennifer Magliano’s class created a time capsule, which included items that would spark stories and details about this historical time. The time capsule will be stored away until 2030 and opened as these students are ready to graduate from high school.

“The idea of a time capsule was to help the students be recorders of history and to assist them in understanding that they have been living it,” Ms. Magliano said. “They had a unique experience that will set them apart from other generations.”

In addition to artifacts, the students included writing samples expounding on the memories of isolating at home and how the C.A. Reinhard Class of 2020 will be remembered. Artifacts included shells from a socially-distanced walk, a seed pod to represent outdoor activities, an empty toilet paper roll, masks, hand sanitizer, C.A. Reinhard clothing, birthday cards with an explanation of a drive-by birthday celebration and a rainbow to signify the nationwide viral project that symbolizes the pandemic’s eventual end.

Ms. Magliano said the time capsule will remain in her classroom until its opening in 2030 and her students will unveil the stored artifacts with the second grade class of that year.

Shore Road Graduates Chart Their Own Path to Middle School

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Shore Road sixth grade students marked their final elementary school milestone during the school’s annual promotion ceremony, held virtually on June 16. The annual promotion did not look the same as years past, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but became a “unique” and “special” memory for the entire class.

Superintendent for Schools Dr. Joseph Famularo said, “Graduation is just different than what we expected.” He noted in reminiscing on all of the past great graduations, “I will remember yours forever.”

Dr. Famularo also told the students that they have learned important lessons of flexibility and proactivity and that they were “forced to act on what they had control over,” important leadership lessons. Principal Patrice Matthews thanked the students for “being role models for us all.” She said, “March 13 was not an endpoint to your sixth grade experiences. Our new normal may have looked different, but you still continued your journey and with that came many new experiences that you will remember for a lifetime.”

Board of Education President Janet Goller compared the students’ strength to Abraham Lincoln, an historical figure who had to overcome obstacles and persevere through life. “Life is full of unexpected roadblocks,” Ms. Goller said. “Chart your own path in life and work hard for something you believe in or for what inspires you.”

PTA Co-Presidents Chantal Dembo and Barbara LaGalia told students that they were doing social distancing gardening with 140 seeds that represent their growth as individuals and students. “The conditions for seeds are always changing, but the real growth lies in the ability to be resilient and being able to adapt to changes,” Ms. Dembo said. Ms. LaGalia gave words of wisdom, “As you mature and blossom, be sure to continue to seek guidance.”

The students’ school photos were then flashed on the screen, commemorating their completion of elementary school.

Prior to the release of the promotion video, Shore Road faculty held a drive-through celebration in the school parking area. Seated in their cars, the students received their diplomas, end of year certificates and gifts from the PTA. There was also an opportunity for each student to take a photo in front of a decorative class sign as faculty cheered and waved goodbye.

Click here to view the video.

Music Leaders

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The District is pleased to announce that 16 fifth and sixth grade student-musicians were selected to participate in the annual Nassau Music Educators Association All-County Music Festival, held at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts on Jan. 9 and Jan. 16.
The students were selected to represent the district based on their New York State School Music Association scores and teacher recommendations and includes: Tristan Bissoondial, Makayla Bowman, Alanna Dembo, Evan Dinin, Jared Eisenberg, Noah Greenbaum, Cori Haiken, Oren Kichel, Samuel Klein, Ethan Marino, Ella Owen, Mikella Rahim, Sophie Rich, Emma Stein, Alexandra Tonico and Cecilia Toto.

Additionally, the fifth grade students Evan Dinin, Caeley Flynn, Sasha Karafin, Samuel Klein and Daniel Lin were selected to perform with the Long Island String Festival Association’s orchestras, to be held on March 7 but which was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students were selected for LISFA based on their level and score at the New York State School Music Association Festival the previous year and must participate in the school’s orchestra.

Shore Road music teacher Laura Itzkovitz explained that as leaders in music, these students help to inspire their peers in the district’s robust instrumental music program.

Flat Teacher Adventures

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As virtual learning continues to take hold, student-teacher relations are more important than ever. To bridge the separation gap and stay connected with students, prekindergarten teachers at C. A. Reinhard host “Flat Teacher Adventures” each Friday.

Much like the original Flat Stanley Project in which a cardboard cutout of a man, Flat Stanley, accompanies students on various adventures, the teachers send a choice board of activities to complete along with a flat cutout (Bitmoji) of themselves. Some of the activities include reading a book, playing board games, learning to cook or exercising. The students then take a photograph with the Bitmoji of their teacher to document their activity.

Prekindergarten teacher Carolyn Buckley said the activity serves as a way to stay connected outside of the classroom during virtual learning. “We have created such bonds with the children and thought this would be a fun way to still learn and play together,” she said.