Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center

Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 2

Principal:  Mrs. Patricia Castine
School Secretary: Mrs. Doreen Caminiti

2750 South St. Marks Ave.

Bellmore, NY 11710






Current News

Bellmore PTA recognizes the community’s brightest stars

Students on the auditorium stage. thumbnail255344
Staff member giving a speech. thumbnail255345
Staff member giving a speech. thumbnail255346
Staff member giving a speech. thumbnail255347
Students on the auditorium stage. thumbnail255348
The Bellmore Public Schools community gathered in the Reinhard Early Childhood Center auditorium on Feb. 12 for a special night of awards and performances. The Bellmore PTA hosts the Founders’ Day Celebration annually to recognize deserving members of the community.

PTA co-presidents Nikki Zimberg and Jamie Guggenheim Shiner welcomed fellow PTA volunteers to the stage to introduce awardees. The PTA issued awards for New York State PTA Life Membership and Distinguished Service. Staff member awardees included Michelle Block, Angela Coogan, Erica Glikos, Dawn McCardell, Regina Harten and Nicole Osterhoudt. Board of Education President Mrs. Maryanne Kelly received the Distinguished Service award. PTA members who received awards included Brenda Gallo, Jennifer White, Leah Walsh, Kristen Wong-Valle and Jackie Taylor.

The night would not have been complete without musical performances from special Bellmore Stars. The Bellmore Star Chorus sang and put on a light show, dazzling the audience. To conclude the night, the Star Chorus was joined by The Belltones band, comprised of the Superintendent and district music teachers.

Date Added: 2/20/2024

Reinhard Rising Stars count to 100 one cereal box at a time

Rising Star Leaders at Reinhard Early Childhood Center. thumbnail255303
Rising Star Leaders at Reinhard Early Childhood Center. thumbnail255304
Rising Star Leaders at Reinhard Early Childhood Center. thumbnail255305

Rising Star Leaders at Reinhard Early Childhood Center in the Bellmore School District reached a milestone on Feb. 8 as they celebrated the 100th day of school in grand fashion.

Students sported jerseys or shirts with numbers or 100 items and were greeted by a “Happy 100 Days” display outside the main entrance. As they entered the building, they immediately noticed the main hallway converted to the “100th Hall,” decorated with 20 clusters of five balloons lining the walls totaling 100.

Students later gathered in the hallways for the exciting second annual Cereal Box Domino Challenge. Rising Star Leaders in the Student Advisory Council led a collection drive for which they received over 750 boxes of cereal to donate to the Bellmore-Merrick Community Cupboard. All the boxes were lined in the halls like dominoes and children throughout the building cheered as they fell.

Additionally, students scavenged to find 100 high frequency words and the numbers 1 through 100 hidden throughout the halls, while second graders were challenged to add up to 100 in as many ways as they could. Kindergarteners created museums toured by their peers that showed many ways they could represent 100.

Date Added: 2/16/2024

Rising Star Leaders act as teachers in latest Reinhard concert

Rising Stars stepped up as leaders in choregraphed moves for the chorus concert on Jan. 26 thumbnail254612
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Famularo was a special guest on guitar for the song, “The Library.”  thumbnail254613
Students acted as their physical education teachers and showed how they lead their class.  thumbnail254614
The classroom skits garnered laughs and applause from the audience.  thumbnail254615
Second grade students at Reinhard Early Childhood Center in the Bellmore School District took to the stage for an enthusiastic show featuring songs about their favorite special area classes on Jan. 26. Several students dressed as teachers to take part in skits throughout the performance.

In Rising Star fashion, second grade leaders narrated the concert and introduced songs through their skits that showed how each special area teacher runs their class. Students garnered laughs and applause as they acted as librarian Mrs. Amorosso, music teacher Ms. Rocco, physical education teachers Mr. Bisk and Mr. DeBlasio and art teacher Mrs. Block.

Each song, performed under the direction of Ms. Rocco, transported the audience to each special area teacher’s classroom setting. The chorus sang “Music in Our School,” “Los Colores De La Vida,” “Put on Your Shoes,” and “The Library,” which had a special guest, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Famularo, providing accompaniment with an electric guitar. Leading up to the concert, Dr. Famularo rehearsed with students, making for a truly memorable occasion during the performances. In addition, the Rising Stars had a great time enacting choreography for each song, making for an uplifting and exciting experience for the audience.

Date Added: 1/31/2024