Shore Road School

Grades 5 - 6

Principal:  Ms. Patrice Matthews
School Secretary: Mrs. Nancy Sosnowski

2801 Shore Road

Bellmore, NY 11710






Current News

College Olympics bring the competition to Shore Road School

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Camaraderie, teamwork and sportsmanship were the theme for the week at Shore Road School in the Bellmore School District as sixth graders represented different colleges in a series of competitions.

Each Shining Star Leader in sixth grade participated in two athletic competitions, ranging from a fitness relay, timed basketball shooting and a fierce volleyball tournament. Teams represented different colleges from across the country, building up their desire to come out on top after the games were settled. As they played in the gymnasium, teams’ flags and posters made by students showed off their represented school. They also prepared an original song, which was performed for judges. No matter the competition, the young athletes and artists all had the opportunity to step up and be a leader.

Date Added: 2/27/2024

Bellmore PTA recognizes the community’s brightest stars

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The Bellmore Public Schools community gathered in the Reinhard Early Childhood Center auditorium on Feb. 12 for a special night of awards and performances. The Bellmore PTA hosts the Founders’ Day Celebration annually to recognize deserving members of the community.

PTA co-presidents Nikki Zimberg and Jamie Guggenheim Shiner welcomed fellow PTA volunteers to the stage to introduce awardees. The PTA issued awards for New York State PTA Life Membership and Distinguished Service. Staff member awardees included Michelle Block, Angela Coogan, Erica Glikos, Dawn McCardell, Regina Harten and Nicole Osterhoudt. Board of Education President Mrs. Maryanne Kelly received the Distinguished Service award. PTA members who received awards included Brenda Gallo, Jennifer White, Leah Walsh, Kristen Wong-Valle and Jackie Taylor.

The night would not have been complete without musical performances from special Bellmore Stars. The Bellmore Star Chorus sang and put on a light show, dazzling the audience. To conclude the night, the Star Chorus was joined by The Belltones band, comprised of the Superintendent and district music teachers.

Date Added: 2/20/2024

Students discover the science of clouds at Shore Road School

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Fifth graders at Shore Road School in the Bellmore Public School District learned how clouds are formed through the relationship of air pressure and temperature during a special science unit on Dec. 14.

Students donned their lab goggles and gathered their necessary materials, including a bottle, thermometer and water. With guidance from science specialists Donna Migdol and Kathy Chapman, students observed whether a cloud formed in the bottle through several variables. They compared the differences in their observations when there was no water in the bottle versus with water. Air pressure was built by students squeezing the bottle. With water in the bottle, a more visible cloud formed as the pressure was applied. The hands-on lesson was completed through teamwork, as students took turns in groups to test the variables and record their findings.

Date Added: 1/2/2024